Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stumbling into Colorful Pancakes

                                                           -Cassandra's Easter morning pancakes!

I've become quite the blog addict these days!  I can't believe some of the creative things people come up with -  such as these cute and oh so fun rainbow colored pancakes!  I just happen to stumble on an awesome blog last month using StumbleUpon - my new favorite computer time find.  Sometimes I get sucked into the great unknown traveling all over learning odd and interesting things!  But on to where I was going... they have this fabulous toolbar which allows me to stumble at the click of a button!   How cool is that, right?
Here it is...the moment where I fell in love with food photography!  Right before my eyes were these beautifully photographed, amazingly vibrant colored rainbow pancakes!  I not only knew I had to try my hand at this, I just knew how excited Cass would be to eat so much color!

So here they are, not just any fun colored pancake either!  A new recipe at that, Healthified Whole Grain Brown Sugar Pancakes!


  1. Those pancakes look so yummy! Great photography as well. Oh what I wouldn't give to grow up as a child in your house! You guys look like you have all the fun in the world!


  2. Your pancakes look gorgeous!!