Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Morning Color!

Here's my attempt to brighten my morning with kids cereal - Fruit Loops!

It was such a beautiful sunshine weekend, filled with the MS walk, an attempt for a family photo (fail!), popsicles, washed cars, and dinner on the grill.  Then comes Monday, a duty day - as well as our traditional gloomy Washington kind of weather...

I'm not usually a cereal for breakfast kind of person.  I much prefer it as an afternoon snack, or desert after dinner - odd, I know!  I very rarely even eat anything other than Cheerios too!  I enjoy the simple stuff - most are just too sweet!  I grew up in a house with a Mom who always used the LARGE bowls for cereal, ya know...what you might use for mixing a batch of cookies?  No, I'm kidding...not that big, but close.  Along with a brother who could do the same.  Perhaps watching them eat it was enough for me!  I think as a kid, if you allowed my brother to live off of Cinnamon Toast Crunch - he would have!  I should call him, I miss my brother...I wonder if he lets his son eats this stuff yet.

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  1. OMG!!! That is so true!!!! I still love my cereal in a big bowl that's so I can fill it up to the top. Some things never change!!!!! LOL