Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just me...

I rolled out of bed this morning about 6am due to my cranky teether! Usually I get to sleep in till 7-7:30am and we begin our day from there, but no...not today! Not only did I have to wake up early, I had to get up in the middle of the night - which I do not like! I've been very lucky enough to have two amazingly wonderful babies who enjoy sleeping through the night! I hope this is just a fluke from teething, and we'll return back to our arranged schedule asap. I really shouldn't complain about the middle of the night wake up - it's not like he's hungry, all I did was roll him to his back and give him his blanket. He was sound asleep after that. Wish it was that simple for me!
When I looked at my hair today, I is the day I should be out and about for the world to see! It's one of those fabulous hair days which seem to be far and few these days - I'm well over-due for a hair cut!! But, with a birthday coming up...I would hate to have my hair cut and something go wrong. I'll never get over turning 29 (in 9 days) with a hair cut I'm unhappy about.'s not really like I'm getting a "hair cut", it's more of just a trim and clean up. I know my day is coming soon...ya know, the day in which I give away 10 inches of hair. I'm partly in awe of this day, I'll feel so light - it will be amazing, but really... I'm completely nervous. This is the longest my hair has ever been, and I'll be so sad to see it go away.
So, with that said...I knew today was the day for a new photo! I decided to wear a long necklace, ha! Bad idea. Did it somehow slip my mind I have a baby?? Let's just say after about 5 minutes of playing with him, he about ripped my head off! Back to short necklaces - if any at all. I hope he out-grows the "tugging on necklaces" phase very soon. There's something about a long necklace that makes me feel pretty...

I'm not very girly, and I don't really care to dress up. I don't keep up with fashion, and I wear what I like - what's comfortable. Once I find something I like, I purchase as many colors as I can - or even just multiples of the same thing. Looking for a new style just isn't me. I'm very much a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl. I can't stand wearing ANYTHING but jeans! I own one skirt, ONE! I currently own Zero dresses. I prefer heals as I'm a shorty at 5'1, however, I'm currently hooked on a pair of flats. Who knew that was possible! I love black, gray, brown, and navy blue! This zebra print cardigan? thingy was a gift. I would never purchase such a print! It's from my Grandmother-in-law who has fabulous taste - I don't think there's an article of clothing I didn't like...okay, I'm slightly fibbing here. When I opened this shirt I silently gasped, oh hell! I'll never wear that (I'm famous for using the "never" word). It took me months to finally wear this. Now, it's one of my favorite things - I wear this often because it's so cute and comfortable!

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