Thursday, April 15, 2010

Amanda's Cheesy Eggplant Lasagna

My first experience with eggplant! I've always seen them in the stores, but never imagined buying one and cooking it myself! Usually whenever Cass is with me grocery shopping - if she sees the eggplants she'll always ask to buy one. I figured it was high time to give and and find a recipe using eggplant. I had fun with these, they are so beautiful I couldn't resist a photo before I peeled this babies!  

While I was searching the Jennie-O turkey recipe site, I found this Lasagna recipe. Which you can find over at KitchenMonki. It started off as a pretty gloomy day, then somewhere in the middle of the afternoon the sun peeked out and hung around all evening! Notice the sun glaring in my photo... 

Now I'm fairly impressed with this eggplant lasagna. I was a bit concerned when I noticed they took place of the pasta, but heck...those are just added carbs you don't need anyway! I'm now in search of a new eggplant recipe for next time I buy them! If you have any, your welcome to send them my way.

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