Friday, July 15, 2011

Ruffled Scooby Pillowcase

I've been working on cleaning up and organizing my craft/guest room so I can finish working on party decor for a couple parties! Lately, most of my work has been for Miss Cassandra keeps asking when I'm going to make something for her.

While out shopping the other day, she fell in love with this gorgeous Scooby fabric from Hancock Fabrics. I too sort of fell in love - sometimes she has great taste. How can you say no to Scooby??

Right away she requested a "pillowsheet". I stood there with a huh? look in the fabric store for a moment, then asked "a pillowcase for a pillow right"? - She's 6!

I do have to say, I am quite pleased at my first attempt! However, this was not the first pillowcase I've made, but it is the first that's straight, correctly sewn and amazing!!

While looking for a little how to information, I came across this absolutely beautiful pillowcase over at The Middlebrook Family Blog! Go have a look for yourself. It's just stunning... It was her ruffle that reminded me of how much I loved the ruffle I put on my camera strap awhile back! And then remembered this post from Kevin and Amanda. I just loved her detailed zig-zag stitch along her ruffle. 

I'm just a self-taught sewer with little knowledge, and it seems the more I read here and there, the more I learn! I've been drooling over a new sewing machine so I can clean the edges better for some projects, then suddenly learned my little ole machine (about 8 years) has a zig-zag stitch that does exactly that!! Unbelievable! I've put off projects waiting until I could afford a better just now find this out?? Oh boy, I'm in trouble now. I have a feeling the boxes of fabric sitting in the closet are finally going to be used!!

See! A nice clean edge - Oh that's exciting! lol

Look at that happy girl!
She very patiently waited as I photographed my new creation, then as soon as I tilted the camera down, she leaped on the guest bed to enjoy her new pillow! But moments later, she was out the door and to her room...

One new exciting website I'd like to share is Craft Hope. As I was reading that post with the stunning ruffled pillowcase, she talks about Craft Hope. This may very well be a new favorite of mine - hopefully they'll begin a new project soon I can join in! I just missed the last two by a month. Boo.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Big 3-0!

Like fine wine, getting better with age!

In the last couple of years, I found birthdays a little rough...entering the end of my 20's was really hard for me! Entering 30? Kind of exciting - strange as it seems!! For years I had this plan to ignore my 30th, but then I realized it just wasn't going to happen. 

Today is my GOLDEN BIRTHDAY, the BIG 3-0! 

You HAVE to celebrate your GOLDEN birthday, especially when it falls on 30! 

Photo by my friend Janet - Edit by my friend Amber at Photography By Amber!
Thanks to my wonder family and friends, throughout this month they have helped me collect 30 - 1981 quarters for my birthday!! 

30 - 1981 quarters!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The MS Walk - 2011

Last year I joined my friend Janet for the MS walk in Washington. Since the last walk, both of our husbands have been stationed in Virginia, so it was exciting to join her again! Saturday, April 9th our team consisted of  9 adults, 11 kids and 6 strollers!

Papa Phil's TeaMStrength

Our team on the walk.

My kids & I.

My Navy wife friends who were stationed in Washington with me. We're all living in Virginia now.
Me, Sarah and Janet 
Making wishes on the wishing pole.
We went all out this year and ordered shirts professionally. So worth it, they came out amazing! We ordered from this local company, Terrance at Shirt Tales.

What is MS? Multiple Sclerosis - National MS Society.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fuddruckers (And #20)

Crossing number 20 off the list.

It's not dinner at Fuddruckers in Portland, but none-the-less it's dinner at Fudds! On our road trip to Texas we didn't have time to stop. So while in Texas, the Mr. and I hit up Fudds with a couple of my old friends from high school. It was so nice seeing them, as the three of us haven't been together in over 10 years!

Erin, Korie & I : 2010
Korie, Me & Erin : 1996

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cross-Country Move

The Mr.'s orders hit us like a ton of bricks.....not exactly what we expected, but it was quickly time to make the best of it. Having lived the Navy life in Washington for just days short of 9 years, there really wasn't much room for complaining. It was time for a big move, he had made chief so we were heading on a new adventure.
In a couple short months I had to quickly through together a move, without  knowing where our new home was going to be! It wasn't until the very end weeks we were able to update our movers with a destination of "Virginia", and just that. A state. There was no time for house-hunting leave, no time to visit the area to seek out a new home. 

Loading the truck in Washington.
The move date approached quickly, then before we knew it we were saying our goodbyes and on the road. Please excuse the crummy cell photo - I was busy throwing last minutes together to go on the truck!

We packed our vehicles to the brim, loaded up our kids and headed south on the open road. We headed down to San Diego to spend a couple days visiting with family, then off to Texas. At one of the rest stops, Cassie girl snapped a photo of Papa and I - I look beat after hours on the road! 

The Mr. and I
The best little traveler! - Kaleb
I had this fear of driving down the hwy, radio blaring attempting to drown out the screaming little man in the backseat, but soon into the drive...this sweet boy put my fears to rest when I realized this happy little boy was going to be Momma's angel! He was a trooper throughout the ENTIRE trip! It was Cassie girl who drove me Love that girl, but - when she rode with me it was, "Mom, Kaleb took my toy" "Mom, Kaleb hit me" "Mom, I'm hot" "Mom, I'm cold" "Mom, I'm bored" "Mom, I need to stretch my legs" "Mom, I'm hungry" OhMGEE she didn't ride with me long before I shipped her off to ride in the Mr's truck!! 

He did it! - Kaleb & Cassie girl

Talking to the grandparents in Texas
This was how I distracted her! Gave her my bluetooth and let her call and pester her grandparents in Texas. They have the patience I sometimes lack, thank-goodness!

Along the way my Mazda hit 50, 000 miles! :(

As we drove into Virginia, we drove by a few potential houses, then ventured to our hotel at the Norfolk Naval Station. The next couple days we drove all over the place looking at houses, as one by one they each slipped through our fingers being rented. We were losing time, with only having a few days before the Mr had to report to his boat up in Portsmouth, NH it was important to find a home - quickly! Then, we toured the perfect dream house home which had walls and a roof! It was nothing we were looking for, except in our price range, in the boundary of one of the best schools, and in this lovely safe neighborhood! Before we knew it, our deposit was submitted....the Mr was on his way to NH and I was off to sign the lease! 

Our home for the next year & half.
With the lease underway, the Mr in NH...the kids and I spent our days hanging out on the Norfolk base. Now that base is CONFUSING! I can't tell you the many times I got lost..... But finally, it was time to leave our temporary home of living out of a hotel on base, and time to venture to our new home! It was moving day....only the truck wasn't expected to arrive for about 2 weeks! Yikes. Yes, that's right. The kids and I moved into our new home with whatever items we had from the road trip while we waited for our household goods to arrive. That's the Navy for you. 

moving truck - curiosity of the kids matchbox stash

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine's Day Wreath!

Instead of unpacking the house, Cassandra and I decided to head out to do a little shopping and found ourselves at Michaels... we went in to purchase yarn, and walked out with goodies to make a wreath! I've been so busy lately, I haven't had much of a chance to blog, let alone read my followed blogs.

Last night I was blog surfing when I came across this really cute Valentine wreath from Found in the "Ali". Cass was sitting next to me when she saw the photo and said, "Mom I wish we could make that". As usual, I tell her, " of these days".

I'm excited to share one of my " of these days" projects that we made together this afternoon.

We were on our way to check out when we passed the fun little Valentine section, with these super cute glitter hearts on metal sticks! My mind instantly jumped back to the post from Ali last night, and instantly walked over to the wreath section to grab the last one!

These super cute glitter hearts were $1.99 for the large heart with 3 sections, and the other 4 hearts were $.99 for the grouping. I already had red yarn, so I'm pretty impressed with my $5 handmade Valentine wreath!

For now, this wreath will hang out on our mantle. I have a pretty good feeling which box holds my over the door wreath holder, then it's off to the front door!