Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Annie's Rice Casserole

When someone talks about comfort food, this is one of the few dishes that come to mind - for me personally. I've been making this dish for about 10 years and it never gets old.

Once upon a time, I couldn't cook to save my life! But this, this I could make. It was the extent of my cooking for years... I had one masterpiece, and it was a casserole. I can remember the many years my poor husband would come home from work - we would sit on the couch, and I'd ask, "what do you want for dinner?" I would take out a meat of some sort, and he would make dinner. joke, for years this went on. But, as long as he was cooking, we were eating something other than burnt food, or something out of a box! I'm so thankful I learned how to cook...because ever since, my wonderful husband knows what it's like to walk in the door and smell food cooking - good food at that! (I love you Mr. Jenkins) - He reads a blog every so often, so I'd like to sneak that in, since I'm talking about him and all...

This casserole came about when I was living with an ex in Texas...back in 1999 or so. His sister would throw casseroles together - maybe it's because we were poor and this was a simple, cheap meal? All I know is over the years it's a dish I've introduced to many people - referred to as "Annie's Casserole".

Over the years I've changed up the sausage. At first, I used the regular smoked sausage, then, when this recipe was written, we discovered the lite version, but now... we use the turkey version!'s still has excellent flavor and it's much healthier! (Why do I sound like I'm selling something? Calling all Kathy Targets! - Sorry, inside joke for some of those reading.)

-Annie's Rice Casserole recipe.

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  1. You make my day with you interesting stories. Love the part of Kathy Target!!!!! LMAO The joy of motherhood!!!!!!!!!