Saturday, May 1, 2010

29 Things to do before I turn 30

Birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat more cake.

My cake - decorated by Cass

1. Weekend getaway with the Mr.
2. Go on a picnic
3. Make a fondant cake
4. Pay for a strangers meal
5. Read 5 books - in progress
6. Get into shape and start running
7. Start a 365 photo project
8. Make kitchen curtains
9. DIY wood-working project
10. Grow an indoor herb garden
11. Go on 8 dates with the Mr. - in progress
12. Take an overnight trip by myself
13. Stay at a bed & breakfast
14. Buy a large (living) indoor plant
15. Visit family & friends in Texas
16. Take the kids to the beach
17. Make both kids a quilt
18. Go to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival
19. Build a snowman with my family
20. Visit Portland and eat at Fuddruckers - Fuddruckers
21. Make 10 new alcoholic drinks - in progress
22. Go to a Seahawks game
23. Clean out & organize the garage
24. Send someone a surprise
25. Start a family tradition
26. Make my own Christmas cards
27. Take a road trip - Road trip to Spokane
28. Golf with the Mr.
29. Watch the sunrise

My 29 things blog was inspired by Charisse, at Oh Me, Oh My.

As the Mr. headed out to sea - the day before my birthday, he wished me a happy birthday and said, "You're a young 29". Thanks hun! He knows how difficult this year is for me, it's the last year I'll say I'm in my 20's!

Yesterday I celebrated my 29th birthday, it was a fabulous day!

I arranged to take the kids to Seattle and meet up with family, but after such a long week I decided to reschedule. I needed a day of just relaxing, so relaxing is what I did. Cass woke me up with lots of Happy Birthday love, then we had breakfast and started our day - which I let her plan. We made cake, played, drew pictures, painted crafts, took photos, and ordered Chinese take-out! She even washed the dishes!!

The crafts we made. 
The plaques are: Papa, Cass, Kaleb, Mommy! We plan to embellish the birdhouse and the barn soon. We were just too exhausted.

Chinese take-out.
Ordering take-out is a terrible weakness of mine while he's out to sea! Usually I order much more, but with the whole "eating better" thing I'm working on, I figured less food = less left overs = less bad food for me to eat. ha!

Note: Photo taken after we dug in - we were too hungry to plate up and photograph!

After dinner, it was time for cake! As I was out of the room, Cass decided to surprise me with cutting the cake herself! HA. I walked into the kitchen to see this proud 5 year old kneeling on a chair at the table with a butter knife, pie spatula with a huge hole in the middle of the cake! I hear, "look Mom! I cut the cake and I added hearts"! At this point I'm smiling from ear to ear and laughing hysterically at my sweet child! How do you continue to hide the fact that you hate those nasty little valentine hearts with such a passion??

Cake after a 5 year old digs in!

My first photo at 29! Do I look younger yet?

This sweet boy of mine decided as a birthday gift to Mommy, he would start crawling around. Maybe not full on crawling, but it's a good army crawl across a room!

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  1. OMG!!! Glad to see you had a wonderful birthday with the kids!!!! Cass did a great job with the crafts and the cake!!!! I love the way Cass cut the cake. My goodness Kaleb is just to cute. I miss my grand kids!!! Have fun with with 29 things to do!!! Can't wait until the Texas Trip!!! lol

    And yes you do look younger!!! (you get that from me) lol