Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Eyebrow!

For the longest time I've been able to raise just my right eyebrow. I tend to do it if I'm trying to keep from crying, or even showing emotion. It's also one expression the husband does not like - I believe this is due to pure jealously! He's in the "other" population of people, you know.. the "uncool" crowd. At our wedding, during the ceremony, I remember doing this during the part when we listened to a song we picked. For that moment, it helped a little to cool the mood as I was about to cry - with happiness of course!  

Over the years it just sort of developed into a thing of mine. If I really want to annoy him, or sometimes get a smile out of him, I'll raise my eyebrow with a sweet smile. It works like a charm, I always get a response!

my right brow raised - the look that drives him crazy.

Cassandra must take after her Papa, because this girl can not raise one eyebrow! She tries quite often too.

This week the Mr. is working the dreaded night shift. I find it so difficult to be starting my day as he's ending always reminds me of when I use to work the night shift as a CNA! Oh how our lives were so different then.... 
I try to keep the house as quiet as possible - considering there's a teether under 1 and a 5 year old, I need all the luck I can get! This morning as I was getting ready, I decided to use Cass' bathroom so I wouldn't disturb him as he slept. As I was almost done straightening my hair, in walks Miss. Cass. I'm trying to keep her voice down - as she's unhappy to see me using her bathroom. After a bit of whispered arguing, she agrees to share. She brushed her hair, and gets out the lip gloss. I can't even explain how adorable she is when putting on lip gloss. But I have photos to share!

the lip gloss!
checking out her smile with lip gloss.
Okay, now I'm finishing up my make up. We're all giggles at this point - quite giggles. She now transforms into the Cass I know and love, the silly side! Making faces, dancing around, and testing to see if she can finally raise just one eyebrow! Behold, I give you the video of Miss. Cass and her eyebrow raising!!


Notice how towards the end she covers one eyebrow. This is her newest trick - I freakin' love it!! Usually to achieve the one eyebrow raise, she'll use her hand and hold one eyebrow in place, then scream, "look, I can do it!". It makes me laugh every time.

Here are some added photos of my quiet, yet entertaining morning with Cassandra. -Note: You can click on these to enlarge them.

sweet girl.
as I tell her don't move - she froze! 
ninja girl.
the fish.

I kept snapping photos as she made faces, and as she was silly...these are my favorite. After this last one she says, "I'm hungry now".


  1. OMG, I loved this blog!!!!! Cass is growing up so quickly!!!!

  2. I totally forgot about this blog site and this made my day! I just adore your little girl and she reminds me so much of mine. The video is perfect and if I knew how, I would share this with my girlfriends on plurk! I know they would all get a kick out of it! You have the best kids!