Friday, April 23, 2010

Behind the Scenes...

As some of you have asked, "What type of camera do you use? and "What type of lighting?" I figure a blog is in order. Then, at the end I'll explain why I use the "walking in my socks" text on my photos.

Christmas 2007, the husband bought me a really nice Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi SLR Camera. I previously had a really nice Canon SLR film camera - which I still own. I would use it more, but film is expensive to develop and I'm just too impatient! For my food photography, I use my Canon tripod as well - I can't imagine taking photos without one!

In this photo you'll see me photographing tonight's dish - Taco Pasta Toss. Before each meal I prepare the area so once my dish is complete, I take photos - then eat! I move the chair, clip on my lamp and place my camera and tripod. After a few shots, I usually have the photo I'm looking for.

Lighting is very important! I use a simple clamp light from Home Depot with a day light bulb, and covered it with 2 pieces of tissue paper. There are many ways to use multiple lamps for more lighting, but this method works best for me and the effect I'm looking for. The light needs to be covered with layers of tissue paper to diffuse the light. This is so important! The tissue paper is what softens the light to give you even light coverage. Here you will notice I've taken the tissue paper and wrapped it around the lamp. I used tape to bring in the edges for a clean look, then pulled in the bottom with a hair tie! Yes...that's correct. I pulled it right from my pony-tail that day, and used it. It works - why replace it?

I shoot all of my food photography photos in manual mode, with a tripod and no flash! I would love to use natural light, but in this house and living in Washington - that's near impossible! So, I will settle for my own make-shift lighting set up!

Why I add the "walking in my socks" text to my photos. One HUGE peeve I have is when people steal someone else's photo to use in their blog and do not give credit to the original photographer! When I'm reading your blog and you have these beautiful photos posted, I'm going to think they are yours unless you clarify and link where you found them. I personally work hard on my photos, whether just trying to be creative, or editing them. If your going to use my photo, that's all right...but at least my name will help you remember where you found it. Hopefully, you'll link back to my blog to give credit where credit is due.

Side Note: All photos are edited in some way. Perhaps just a small sharpen to enhance colors and depth, whereas others need quite a bit of work. I use Photoshop CS3 for all of my photo editing.

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  1. Look at you miss professional!!! I'm so glad you did this blog. I love your pictures!