Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Bully in the Red Shirt

Last week Cass and I went into Safeway to get a couple last minutes for dinner.  It goes along with my Facebook post - "almost slapped a kid for being rude to mine! Instead I just sorta yelled at him on his manners."

While shopping, just as I'm turning around waiting for her to catch up, I spot her looking at a couple of older boys kicking there shoes at the ground and talking.  She wasn't staring rudely, but just curious as to what they were doing - standing in the middle of the isle kicking at the floor.  Just as she's passing them, one of the kids in a red shirt steps forward, comes down towards her level and said, "what are you looking at? keep moving!"  I don't think she fully understood him at first, she just asked why he was so mean.  This was not about to fly with me, I was angry as all hell!  These kids must have been about 12, so why on earth pick on a small 5 year old girl walking by?  Bullies!  I was angry, I don't remember what all I said...I gave him a piece of my mind though!

Now a week later this picture appears on the fridge.

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  1. I am sorry to hear Cass had to experience this. It's just a shame some parents don't teach their kids manners and that they are not aware of what their kids do.