Monday, June 28, 2010

Mom, can you pour the milk?

This morning Cassandra decided to have a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Now, I'm sure your thinking that looks like a large bowl with A LOT of cereal inside. Why does this mother allow her child to have so much? Well, the answer to that is, "I don't!". However, I was asked to come pour the milk on a pre-made bowl of cereal because the jug was too full. As I got to the counter I saw such a heaping bowl, confused as to why 1. my child would use that bowl. (we have small ones we always use), 2. the amount in the bowl.

So, I ask. "Why is there so much cereal in your bowl?"

"Because I want to eat the Toy Story cereal in the pantry."

-Note: The other day Papa said she couldn't open a new box of cereal until she finished what she had left. This is basically what she has left.-

"Whaaaat? *laughing* So your going to eat ALL of this?"

"Yes! *sneaky grin*

"No, your not! I'm going to take a photo for your Papa, then I'm going to put most back into the container."

"Ok, Mom"

Living with a clever child is quite humorous - she always keeps me laughing and on my toes!

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