Sunday, June 27, 2010

Uncle Charlie's Pico De Gallo

A recipe you will LOvE! Trust me. Once you try it, I must hear all about how fabulous it is!

Years ago my husband Charlie and I were visiting his family in Spokane, Washington. His uncle Charlie was raving about this amazing pico de gallo recipe he had. He had me at pico, it's a LOvE of mine!

I was completely baffled and confused when I was handed a chip with this slaw looking mess on top - if my nose didn't crinkle visibly, I sure was cringing on the inside! I have "personal issues in my head" about food. If it doesn't look or smell amazing, my brain jumps immediatly with "Ewww, No!" "Gross!". Over the years I'm beginning to overcome this - thanks to a push shove from the Mr. Well, it was one bite which sold me. I was completely in love with the mix of flavors and textures!

So here I am to share this recipe with you. But, before you crinkle your nose and Ewww me - you've got to give it a shot! As we were told by the "real Charlie", it's amazing on hamburgers and hot dogs. No joking - Hello, FABULOUS!

-Uncle Charlie's Pico De Gallo recipe.

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