Monday, May 24, 2010

Road Trip to Spokane (And #27)

Crossing number 27 off the list.

Thursday we headed out to Colville, just north of Spokane Washington. We planned a visit with some of the Mr.'s side of the family. It's been almost 2 years since our last visit! The weather forecast said rain all weekend, but it still turned out to be a beautiful! Here's the quick weekend re-cap!

We started out on Hwy 2, the scenic route across Washington!

Hwy 2 - heading to Colville

Beautiful rainbow - Hwy 2

An hour and a half into the trip, Cass begun asking the dreaded road trip question - "are we there yet?". We made a stop at this last photo to get out and stretch our legs, and Cass wanted to snap some shots of the rainbow too. It wasn't a very long stop as it was pretty cold! 

Charlie mowing the grass at Grandma's.

The kids and I headed out to enjoy the freshly cut grass and sunshine! As we headed inside, we found Mr. Puppy hanging on the clothes line! At first she thought it was Papa who put him up there, but later found out it was Grandma! haha.

Kaleb and the stubborn, I will dress myself MY way child -Cass!
Mr. Puppy!

A Japanese tag
We then spent much of the late afternoon going through photos and learning about Uncle Charlie's family history. This was much fun, as I love old photos and history!

Cass singing at Karoke night

We enjoyed a Saturday night filled with Karoke in town with family! It was exciting to see Cass get up there and sing a song she learned from preschool in front of everyone - what a brave girl! Kaleb enjoyed "singing" too with everyone! (see video clip above) Kaleb also enjoyed lots of walking around with Aunt Jan - this boy is going to be running in no time!

Aunt Jan walking with Kaleb
Stylish Cass in goggles - ready for a ride!

Charlie and Cass enjoyed a bit of 4-wheeling fun on Uncle Charlie's 4-wheeler this weekend too!

Ruth meeting Kaleb
We then polished off the weekend at lunch with an old friend.

I-90 heading home. Looking back at a wonderful weekend!

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