Sunday, May 2, 2010

The squirrel incident(s)...

This afternoon I noticed one of the squirrels who attacks the house was back and at it full swing. I could hear him scratching in the living room wall. As I got into the room, I was able to pin point his location - right next to the fireplace. I ran outside looking to see if he was just outside, or really in the wall. When I was outside, I could hear him, but not see him.

It was awhile later when I was on the phone with my Mom and I heard what sounded like a nut falling, then a loud thump on what seemed like metal from the fireplace. I paused, remained very still, gasped, completely in fear...freaking out. (I have these images of one popping out of the fireplace, or chewing a hole through the wall.)

Now, in the past I've contacted our landlord about previous squirrel issues, but they didn't take me seriously. This time, I wanted some sort of proof so they would quickly send help! With my fear of squirrels, and the Mr. out to sea...there is nothing I can/am willing to do.

Let me fill you in on how I investigate...white curtain rod in one hand, and camera in the other! I'm no fool, I believe these crazy wild creatures want revenge for the two deaths of their fellow squirrel friends - more about that later. The first several times I went outside, I used the front door and walked around to the back of the house. However, while on the phone with my Mom, I noticed the clawing much louder - I could hear him from the kitchen. I grabbed the curtain with my shoes, and scooted out the door to the deck. I could hear him, but it took a bit to locate him (I wasn't wearing my glasses). Once I pin pointed the sound, I noticed a small hole under the gutter, then...a foot with claws popped out! I freaked out...OMG...I was totally right in where I believed he was! Creepy, was official. There's a trapped squirrel. Now, to run back inside and grab the camera! I snapped a couple shots, and video then time to run back inside.

I'll back track a little here.... Years ago I told my husband I thought we may have a rat in the wall! I was terrified of the digging/scratching sound I could hear at the top of the wall/roof area in the living room. Since I'm the kind of person who needs answers, and answers now...I did the first thing that came to mind. I got out the tripod and video camera, then took it outside and set it up. I aimed it toward the holes at the roof line where I could hear the scratching.  Here's a photo from today, since it will take me too long to locate the original photo and video clip. But, the holes I'm talking about are the three round holes which are covered by what I think is chicken wire. So, I let the video run for some time, waiting and hoping he would show himself - which he did! I was so proud, I captured my first culprit on video!

Some days I would listen to him running across the living room. This went on for weeks before I noticed him over towards the front door - at the drainage pipe from the gutter. Apparently one fell into the pipe, and you could hear him trying to run up it. Ah...I can still hear it in my head years later!! When I contacted the landlord about all this, they told us to just do what we need to get them out. They weren't going to send anyone. I was pissed, but what can you do. It's not our house... Charlie unhooked the elbow to the drainage pipe, and waited until he left the roof crawl space area, and closed up the remaining holes at the roof line. Then, for a few days we had to listen to him screaming outside! No joke, an awful loud squealing as he tried chewing at the chicken wire over the closed holes. He wasn't afraid of me either. I would run out there banging things, hollering to shoo him away - all I got in return was an evil eyed look from him! When the screaming stopped, we noticed he managed to loosen the staples from the chicken wire, and get back in! At this point, I'm so angry I could shoot him! Once again, my poor husband had to wait until he left, and close up the hole again. This went on one more time, on this time once he got in he started working at another hole from the inside out!

Finally, all holes were closed and we headed out of town on a camping trip, only to come home and discover our unwanted house guest had returned! This time we had no idea how he got in, each hole was still secured, but he was working pretty hard getting the wire loose. Any other hole, and he might have lived...but he picked the hole with the longest wire. After some intense squirrel screeching, I ventured outside to check things out. I noticed his nose and teeth were stuck in the wire, he was bleeding. It was a tragic experience, on I wish I could block out! Perhaps I did not like Mr. squirrel, and at one point I threatened to shoot him, I really wouldn't have though...he's just a poor little creature who drove me insane some days. Sadly, there was nothing we could do. By time Charlie was able to get to him he had died...

Then, last summer I left an old kitchen trash can on the back deck. It rained a lot, so there was quite a bit afternoon when Charlie was cleaning up he noticed inside was a dead squirrel.

So, now perhaps you see why I am completely terrified of squirrels and believe they are trying to get revenge on the loss of their friends!

RIP my unwanted squirrel guests, I hope help arrives soon to successfully release your friend!
-Sincerely, the angry tenant lady whom you drove inane

Before I leave you, I want to share a piece of artwork my daughter made! Love artwork from the mind of a 5 year old... Do you see how round I am? What am I trying to do, smoke him out?? - notice the smoke in chimney! The small round circles at my feet are the previous nuts she left out for the squirrel - he must be hungry, and they love nuts she said.

Mommy taking a photo of the trapped squirrel in the wall!

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  1. Wow!!!! This is a great story, I hope help arrives soon. Keep me posted. I love Cass's artwork!!!