Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine's Day Wreath!

Instead of unpacking the house, Cassandra and I decided to head out to do a little shopping and found ourselves at Michaels... we went in to purchase yarn, and walked out with goodies to make a wreath! I've been so busy lately, I haven't had much of a chance to blog, let alone read my followed blogs.

Last night I was blog surfing when I came across this really cute Valentine wreath from Found in the "Ali". Cass was sitting next to me when she saw the photo and said, "Mom I wish we could make that". As usual, I tell her, " of these days".

I'm excited to share one of my " of these days" projects that we made together this afternoon.

We were on our way to check out when we passed the fun little Valentine section, with these super cute glitter hearts on metal sticks! My mind instantly jumped back to the post from Ali last night, and instantly walked over to the wreath section to grab the last one!

These super cute glitter hearts were $1.99 for the large heart with 3 sections, and the other 4 hearts were $.99 for the grouping. I already had red yarn, so I'm pretty impressed with my $5 handmade Valentine wreath!

For now, this wreath will hang out on our mantle. I have a pretty good feeling which box holds my over the door wreath holder, then it's off to the front door!


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  2. Hi Andrea, I'm so happy you found Etcetorize! I hope you find lots of projects that inspire you.

    I love anything sparkly...especially pink and sparkly, so I really like your Valentines wreath! So cute.

    Have a great day~