Friday, July 15, 2011

Ruffled Scooby Pillowcase

I've been working on cleaning up and organizing my craft/guest room so I can finish working on party decor for a couple parties! Lately, most of my work has been for Miss Cassandra keeps asking when I'm going to make something for her.

While out shopping the other day, she fell in love with this gorgeous Scooby fabric from Hancock Fabrics. I too sort of fell in love - sometimes she has great taste. How can you say no to Scooby??

Right away she requested a "pillowsheet". I stood there with a huh? look in the fabric store for a moment, then asked "a pillowcase for a pillow right"? - She's 6!

I do have to say, I am quite pleased at my first attempt! However, this was not the first pillowcase I've made, but it is the first that's straight, correctly sewn and amazing!!

While looking for a little how to information, I came across this absolutely beautiful pillowcase over at The Middlebrook Family Blog! Go have a look for yourself. It's just stunning... It was her ruffle that reminded me of how much I loved the ruffle I put on my camera strap awhile back! And then remembered this post from Kevin and Amanda. I just loved her detailed zig-zag stitch along her ruffle. 

I'm just a self-taught sewer with little knowledge, and it seems the more I read here and there, the more I learn! I've been drooling over a new sewing machine so I can clean the edges better for some projects, then suddenly learned my little ole machine (about 8 years) has a zig-zag stitch that does exactly that!! Unbelievable! I've put off projects waiting until I could afford a better just now find this out?? Oh boy, I'm in trouble now. I have a feeling the boxes of fabric sitting in the closet are finally going to be used!!

See! A nice clean edge - Oh that's exciting! lol

Look at that happy girl!
She very patiently waited as I photographed my new creation, then as soon as I tilted the camera down, she leaped on the guest bed to enjoy her new pillow! But moments later, she was out the door and to her room...

One new exciting website I'd like to share is Craft Hope. As I was reading that post with the stunning ruffled pillowcase, she talks about Craft Hope. This may very well be a new favorite of mine - hopefully they'll begin a new project soon I can join in! I just missed the last two by a month. Boo.

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  1. I love that pillowcase!!!!! You did such a great job!!!